Friday, September 30, 2011

Almost Halloween

I usually start decorating the house for Halloween around this time. I have a few things I have made over the years that are family favorites. They aren't spectacular to look at but we just love having them around. My kids still enjoy seeing these decorations even though they're both college age.

I made this little wall hanging over 10 years ago. The pattern was free on the internet. It uses a little paper piecing and I also machine quilted it. First time I even tried either of those techniques. I usually hang it off my mantle. You can actually see it from the street a little.

I made this little ghost last year. I found it as a free pattern on a quilt blog. I saw it while at work so I copied everything I needed. I came home and worked on it. I hang it off my front door. Everyone loves this little guy! I found fabric with the perfect sized pumpkin and used that as his little trick or treat bag.

I also made this table runner last year. I had bought a few fall fabrics and looked for a small project so I could use them. I have a book of seasonal table runners that I just love. Not sure if you can see, but I have two little pumpkin buttons on either end of the runner. If anyone wants the name of the book, just leave me a comment. I am currently working on a little wool tablet mat with pumpkins. I will share when it's done. Hope everyone is getting out their own fall decorations. Great colors for a nice season.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Puzzle Box Quilt Along

I've been working on these blocks for a little while. I collected the fabrics over the summer since I didn't own too many solids. This quilt along actually took place in July and into August. I just collected the directions and knew I would make it when I had more time.

The blog that hosted this quilt along is called Farbstoff. I'm not really sure what that means but the blogger's name is Brigitte Heitland and she lives in Germany. I thought the instructions were very clear and easy to follow.
This quilt is considered to be a modern quilt. I love the lines and the solid fabrics. I feel it looks crisp and clean. I still have to buy a border for it. I am going to wait until I put it together so I can get a better feel for it. I was actually leaning towards gray or black. I will see what I think once the blocks are all sewed together. 

This is just one placement version. I may end up changing my mind a few times. The picture looks a bit fuzzy but you get the idea! Time for dinner! Have to figure out what to make!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Blogger's BOM Block #1 Interrrupted

I was going to wait to make the first block. After I looked at it, I decided it would be quick so tried to get it done as soon as I could. Sundays are a little nutty in my family. My kids come home for dinner and they bring laundry with them as well as friends and boyfriends. My daughter informed me she would be home around 5pm with Harry, her boyfriend. She had already done her laundry so I didn't have to worry about that. My son came home around 2pm with only 1 load of laundry. Not bad!

I started looking at fabric. I decided rather quickly what to choose. I thought they looked pretty good together. My husband had bought me a fat quarter pack of Kaffe Fassett fabrics which came in very handy!

My plans didn't work out too well. While cooking and doing some laundry, my daughter and Harry came home rather early. I had cut and ironed and was just about to sew when they showed up. I wanted to finish up so badly. I sewed in between whatever else was going on at the moment. I had a small lunch for them and would sew when there was a lull in activity. Not what I had in mind!

However, I did finish and I suppose, that's all that counts!!

Time to sew my modern quilt. Hopefully, no interruptions today!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hexagons Forever........

I tend to work on a few projects at a time and have decided to introduce these projects one at a time.

My hexagon project takes over my posting today. I started  making hexagons about 6 months ago. We had a guest speaker at our monthly guild meeting talk about her love of hexagons. I found so many different things appealing about these cute little flowers. They were portable, not too difficult and stash busters. How could I resist??

I bought the 1 inch papers from an on-line site and started the minute I received them in the mail. I would have thought I would have had much more done than what the picture is showing. However, I have made a quilt for my daughter and been knitting as well. Working 20 hours a week doesn't sound too bad but I just never seem to finish what I hope to do. Does anyone else have this problem or is it just me? I attempt to work on projects but something always gets in the way. Even though my kids are away at college, they are close enough to pop in and then my plans have completely changed.

Also, I had a plan on how I was going to make these hexagons. I made a two-toned hexagon and surrounded it with the usual 1 piece hexagon which would give me a total of 7 hexagon flowers to make. I did that twice and put the 2 larger pieces together. While working on my 3rd set of hexagons, I realized my plan was not going to work. If I added my 7-hexagon flower piece to the existing larger piece, I would have had gaps between some of the flowers. I didn't intend this to happen so I salvaged what I could and moved on. I am currently making one full hexagon flower and adding it individually to the existing larger piece.

Guess things don't always work out as planned. I suppose we've all figured that one out at some point in our lives. We just have to learn, adapt and keep going!

I plan on working on my modern quilt later. I will show pictures on my next posting. I am almost done knitting a small blanket for my family room. I will show pictures of a nice finished blanket in the future. I just love to finish something. Such a great feeling!

It's raining here in Massachusetts today so it should be a good day to get things done. But we all know what happens when we plan something. Who knows what I'll really do today??

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I came home from work today and for some reason, I decided to start a blog. I have no idea why! I decided I would just start one and see where it takes me.

I suppose I should begin with a little background of who I am. I live in Massachusetts and have lived here my whole life. I am married with two college aged children, Becca and Ben. I have been a hospital pharmacist for over 30 years. Doesn't that sound old? I don't really feel old so I try not to let it bother me.

I have always been interested in handwork. My dad was a tailor and my mom was always helping him. I grew up listening to the sound of a sewing machine. It would actually lull me to sleep when I was very small. I started knitting when I was around 10 years old. My best friend, Trisha, and I would try to knit slippers. The key word is try since we never did seem to finish a pair.

I didn't really pursue quilting or knitting until after I was married and had my own home. I knit a lot when I was  pregnant with both babies. I loved making those little knitted clothes. They were so cute.  I also started quilting after they were born. I inherited a sewing machine from my husband's grandmother. I started out making small items such as table cloths using the log cabin pattern.

That was quite a while ago now. I have made so many quilts that I have lost count. I have made gifts and even sold a few. I love knitting socks and scarves. The size is appealing to me since they aren't too big and I can easily finish them.

I feel like I've talked enough for one day! More about my projects in the coming days.

 I leave you with a picture of my cat, Ricky, helping me machine quilt one of my quilts!!

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