Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Drawing Fabulous Feathers

This past Saturday, I took a class with Sue Nickels at A Quilter's Gathering in Nashua, NH. She taught us all about drawing feathers for our quilts. The material in her class can be found in this book which I already owned. Sue is writing a new book with more updated information. I brought the book with me but ended up using her handout for the class.  There were 12 students in the class. I was afraid I would get tired since I worked most of the day, but I wasn't tired at all. I found the class so interesting and fun.

The handout basically had us practice drawing feathers using guidelines that Sue uses when she draws. I was pretty awful at first. Sue was very encouraging. I did improve as the class progressed. I actually enjoyed it and thought the class flew by! We drew feathers on straight lines, curved lines, circles and even hearts! I think this is a technique that needs much practice. We all did seem to improve in just the span of the class. She also taught us how to plan feather and vine placement on our borders. She had some great techniques and the hands on practice really helped get her technique through to us.

This is an example of one of her whole cloth quilts. They are just gorgeous. Her machine quilting is exquisite. However, we all know there is a huge difference between hand drawing feathers and machine quilting them onto a quilt. We all need to practice, practice, practice!! I am hoping to make some time to get the practice into my day. It was so inspiring to see her quilts. Just gorgeous!

If you ever get the chance to take a class with Sue Nickels, take it!! You won't be sorry. Time for me to get back to pin basting my star sampler quilt. My poor back!!

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