Friday, January 6, 2012

Paper Free Motion Quilting

It's been sort of a tough week. I wanted to really get going with the free motion challenge. However, there was a death in our family and everything seemed to stop. My uncle had been sick for quite a while but died Dec. 31. His death was very hard on my father. My dad is the last surviving member of his family.  I also had to work the whole weekend including the holiday. As you can probably tell, none of my plans actually worked out. I had to take a day off from work. My parents needed help getting to the funeral. My heating system needed to be worked on also. It all worked out in the end but my sewing machine stayed pretty quiet. I've been practicing on paper since it's easy to do wherever I am. I even tried some at work when it was quiet!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's. I will post pictures when I actually get to practice on the sewing machine! Hoping 2012 is a better year!!


  1. Such a sad start to the year, hope your dad soon feels a bit more cheerful xx

  2. Rosemary, so sorry to hear about your loss. Keep the happy memories with you...sincerely Julierose

  3. So sorry to hear of your loss and difficult week. We all get them when we least expect them. Actually, I think I had a full year of it - but you know one only becomes stronger via those times!

    Thank you for commenting on my heart shaped trailing leaves for the FMQ Challenge and for deciding to follow me. I will be looking forward to sharing our passion for quilts/quilting and I will admire your knitting. I am a knitter too but haven't picked up the needles for a couple of years. You won't believe this I knitted sweaters while reading college text books to keep me awake.

  4. So sorry about your uncle {{HUGS}}. I've only gotten as far as doodling the leaves on paper too. Seems like every time I make plans, they don't work out...BUT, tomorrow, Lord willing, I want to get some things accomplished in the sewing room. :)

  5. Your paper practice looks great! Can't wait to see your sample! Thank you for your sweet comment...but my leaves need to be a bit more rounded instead of spiky. I could probably do a great maple leaf! HA!


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