Saturday, April 7, 2012

Pincushion House

I should be baking or putting together Easter baskets but after 3 busy days at work, I just didn't feel like doing anything related to Easter. So, I decided to finish up my pincushion! I've seen some really adorable pincushions lately. I thought it would be fun to try. I remembered a good friend of mine had bought me a little kit for Christmas. I thought it was just the perfect thing to make. It looks like spring and will be useful. The little roof opens up and sewing supplies can be stored. The roof is the actual pincushion!

My friend, Sarah, send me this kit. I've known Sarah for about 17 years. We met in a sort of odd way. I had just started to get interested in quilting and loved to read Quilter's Newsletter Magazine. They had a little section for "pin pals" that I used to like to browse through. One month, I saw Sarah's name and address. She was from England and was a pharmacist and liked to use the computer. It sort of caught my eye and I decided to write. We've been "pin pals" ever since! Sarah and her family actually came to the US for a visit back in August, 2001. Our families have met and I tried to have a little quilt night at my house while she was here. We had a great time. I wish she lived closer. She's an avid knitter who puts me to shame. I always look at her completed projects on Ravelry. Yes, all her projects are completed. I don't know how she gets so much done!

I suppose I should go do something related to Easter. I'm tired but I'll try.

Isn't this kitty adorable?! I love that bonnet!

Happy Easter!!


  1. It is beautiful pincusion!!And I like the story about your friend Sarah,too.

  2. Happy Easter, Rosemary! Your pincushion is so cute and love the kitty picture!

  3. I love this pincushion! It's fun to have these tools to add to the enjoyment of our quilting hobby.

    I tried to reply to you about the kind comment you left on my blog, but you are a no-reply blogger. Did you know that? You need to include your e-mail address in your profile if you want to get replies.

    1. Thanks for informing me of that status. I think I fixed it!


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