Thursday, August 9, 2012

Olympic Socks/Lowell Quilt Festival

I finished my socks! I'm calling them my Olympic socks since I worked on them while watching the Olympics. They're a midnight blue with tweed specks added in. They're hand dyed and so soft! I wish you could feel them! They're made using a lace pattern. It was an 8-row repeat which I thought was difficult when I started. However, it got to be so easy after awhile! Mistakes were minimal. Cookie A is the designer of this pattern. I used her book Sock Innovation. The pattern is named Glynis.

Here's a closeup of the pattern as well as the yarn. This picture is much more accurate as to the true color. I really love them. I can't wait to go to another knitting show to grab some more hand dyed yarn. There is something very special about this product that you can't find in mass produced yarn.

Speaking of shows, I'm planning on going to the Lowell Quilt Festival tomorrow. It's not very far from my house and it's always a great show. They have great vendors and wonderful quilts on display. They usually have shuttles to take us around the city to different museums. There are great textile museums scattered throughout the city as well as a quilt museum. There are also many different restaurants to try. I will take pictures and give you all a little taste of what the show was like!!


  1. love the color and pattern - I've tried making a pair but it wasn't easy working with dpn, thus I gave up! I've heard about the magic loop method using circular needle and thought of trying it someday. What method did you use for all your sock knitting?

  2. I use the dpn method! I've heard of magic loop but never used it. I'm comfortable with this method of making them. I find more patterns call for dpn so I've grown used to it. Thanks for visiting!!


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