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 I just blocked my latest shawl. This shawl is called Monarda and designed by Jen Lucas. I found the pattern in her book, Sock-Yarn Shawls II. I have both of her books and I really enjoy them. Her patterns are beautiful and the directions are easy to follow. Each pattern has a chart as well as written out directions. I actually contacted her once and she helped me understand one of her patterns. I missed one crucial part of the directions. After she explained it to me, it made perfect sense!

It measures 18" X 56". I used sock yarn I had in my stash. I love using variegated yarn. It adds some interest to the shawl.

Here's a close up of the stitch. This shawl had a 14 row repeat that made up the actual body of the shawl. I never had to rip out once!

I also made this little dish cloth for a friend of mine. Can you see the kitty?? My friend can't have cats at her apartment so I decided to make her the next best thing! (At least, in my opinion!!)

I've already started my next knitting project but it's very early. I'll show you soon!


  1. That shawl is gorgeous! You make a 14 step repeat sound easy!
    The kitty dishcloth is really cute.

  2. I love your shawl Rosemary, the yarn has an interesting effect. And the dish cloth is too cute!

    1. Thanks, Raewyn! I like how they both came out too!

  3. Oh so pretty--love that lacey pattern...hugs, Julierose

    1. Thanks, Julierose! Two enjoyable projects and so glad they're finished!!


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