Thursday, July 23, 2015

Two More Shawls

I've been working on a few shawls over the last few months. This one is called Psh-Shawl by Joyce Fassbender. The great thing about this pattern is it's free from KnitPicks. I really loved that this pattern recommends a DK weight yarn. It's nice to knit up a shawl that isn't lace weight or sock weight. This one actually felt heavy to me. It was a nice change. Finished measurements are 50 inches wide by 25 inches deep.

This picture gives you a better idea of the color of the yarn. The pattern is made up of interlocking squares. It was a fun shawl to make. I couldn't block it very well. I think the heavier yarn kept the edges straight instead of the nice points you can get with a lighter weight yarn. I really didn't mind. This is a nice heavy shawl that I will love this winter.

This pattern is Ladybug by Jen Lucas. I love her patterns. Striped yarn isn't recommended since it make the lace harder to see. I love using striped yarn! I think it makes the shawl really fun. You can see the lace if you look close enough.

I love the colors of this yarn. It's off white with a pale blue and gray that becomes a navy blue. It's so interesting to see the shawl develop with this color scheme.

I just had to include this picture. I think Lily was quite interested in my knitting and wanted to help. Too bad she got tired and fell asleep instead! She kept me company anyways!


  1. Cozy knitting, a comfy couch and a sleeping kitty...the picture of domestic bliss! Love both the shawls!

    1. Thanks, Em! I love when my cats like to snuggle!

  2. Lovely shawls, Rosemary; the interlocking squares looks like an interesting one to make. Nice to hear you are a rebel and do what you like!!

    1. Thanks, Raewyn! I don't really look like a rebel but it's nice to surprise people! So glad you like the shawls!!


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