Ladybug Shawl

Here is Ladybug, a shawl pattern, by Jen Lucas. It's from her book, Sock-Yarn Shawls. I did use sock yarn to make this shawl!

I finished it on Tuesday. However, the stitches are all scrunched up. It looks pretty awful until it gets blocked. I'm new at blocking. I basically look at the finished dimensions. I wash the shawl and then try to stretch it out to the dimensions it's supposed to be. I usually just pin it to my formal living room carpet. I throw a towel over it so the cats don't pick out the pins. (They love doing that!)

Since the yarn is thin, it usually dries overnight. I love this shawl! I use shawls in the winter as a scarf. I love wearing them. They make great gifts too!!


  1. Ooooh--this is so gorgeous--just as soon as my last sock is done I am starting the Yowza #3 shawl with some Miss Babs yarn...hugs, Julierose

    1. Thanks, Julierose! I love knitting shawls. They're so pretty and will keep us warm this winter. (Not that I'm looking forward to that.)

  2. What a beautiful pattern. The first photo really shows it off. You must a a shawl for every day of the week now. I'm jealous.

    1. Thank you, Em! I guess you can't have enough shawls!! Haha!!


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