FMQ Update

I took my quilt off my machine today to see how the quilting looks. It's so hard to tell while you're actually quilting. I'm still quilting my little silly flowers. Depending on the space, some are small while some are a bit larger. Some have a longer stem but others have a very short one. I wasn't sure if the quilting looked cohesive enough.

Here's the center of the quilt. I was pleasantly surprised! Everything looks great. You really can't tell if a flower is much smaller or larger than others. The flowers all seem to blend very nicely. I'm trying to get the amount of quilting to be uniform throughout the quilt.

I think it looks very even! So glad about this! That was my primary goal.

I'm close to 75% done quilting this quilt. I'm getting much more comfortable quilting this design. I notice spaces and add little leaves or small spirals. I'm relaxing and enjoying it more! So glad I took the plunge!!


  1. This quilt is looking fantastic. Beautiful evenly spaced quilting is often so elusive with these overall designs but you've gotten this one perfectly!

    1. I can't thank you enough for that lovely comment! You made my day! Thank you so much!

  2. Oh this is just so lovely--your quilted flowers pattern is just perfect on this one...hugs,Julierose

    1. What a nice thing to say! Thank you, Julierose!


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