Sunday, January 31, 2016

Crafty Gifts

I can't believe I never posted the gorgeous crafty gifts I received at Christmas! I was lucky enough to get some beautiful handmade gifts. This lovely crocheted bag was made by my friend, Star. I love the color! It's made perfectly! I have crocheted in the past but prefer to knit. This bag will be so useful when I go shopping, especially quilt shows!!

Star also made me this cute pin cushion, I thought it was an ornament! I've been using it while paper piecing. Very helpful! Thank you, Star, for 2 wonderful gifts!!

Sarah sent me a kit to make 2 different bags. Sarah sent me this gift all the way from England! I'll get to it eventually!

Sarah also sent me a tin full of buttons. We all know you can't have enough buttons! Thank you, Sarah!

I made a few Nickita bags for a few of my friends. I felt as though I was working on an assembly line! I worked on 5 bags at the same time. I think it took less time doing it this way. These bags are the only handmade gifts I got to make this year. I always seem to run out of time!

Here's my Sweetheart Quilt displayed on my kitchen table. Unfortunately, Molly thinks it's the perfect spot for her to rest! Fresh kitty!!


  1. I love handmade presents! That crocheted bag is really nice. Haven't seen a pattern like that before.

    1. I'd like to make more handmade gifts but I always run out of time! I've never seen that crocheted pattern either. I'm definitely going to use that gift a lot!!

  2. I love the photo of Molly - she is so pretty! I'm pleased you like the little bag kit, it can be hard to find you gifts that are not available in the US. Those kits are made by an English woman and her Japaneses husband - such a nice couple - and I always look for them at the shows. I have just been cutting the felt pieces for the candle mat kit you sent over with Rebecca so I can take that along as portable sewing. It's lovely to exchange gifts with crafty friends 😊 xx

    1. I love the kits you send me! I never see anything like them in the US. They always come in quite handy! Let me know how the candle mat comes out. It's fun to shop for another quilter! Molly is cute but very fresh too!!


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