Monday, February 29, 2016

Happy Leap Day!

Happy Leap Day to everyone! It only happens once every 4 years and I love the sales I kept seeing. Many quilt shops were offering 29% off fabric and other items. I bought this fabric which I'll be using to back the scrap quilt I've been working on.

I just finished making the rest of the blocks to complete the quilt. I've been playing around with the blocks and it's so hard to stick with just one arrangement. If you move one block, you end up moving 2 or 3 more blocks. It's never ending! I'll probably stay with this setup or something very close to it.

Here's a close up of the mini blocks I just finished making. I think it's nice to throw in a little something different. I'm just trying to make the quilt more fun. Also, I got to use some smaller scraps when making these little blocks. It's amazing the amount of fabric I needed to make those larger blocks. My scrap pile still doesn't look like any smaller, unfortunately.

I've having such fun working on my hexies. These are my latest. It's a nice project to have handy while watching television. I don't feel quite so lazy! Hope you enjoyed Leap Day!

Friday, February 26, 2016

Scrap Quilt Top, Almost!

I'm so close to being done that I have the design wall all set up! I'm not done all the blocks just yet. I'm still working on those 4 more blocks that are made up of 4 mini blocks. I thought it would add some interest and break up the quilt. I will probably move these blocks around many more times until I decide the final layout.

The blocks are all cut and ready to be sewn together. They really don't take very long. They finish at
5 1/2 inches square. Very small and very fast!

And here are the mini blocks all ready to be made in larger blocks. I have a total of 16 mini blocks to make to complete the 4 larger blocks. Once these blocks are complete, I can start working on the final layout of the quilt. It's such fun to use those old scraps to make a new quilt!

Molly has been quite fresh lately. You can see for yourself! #catshaming

Monday, February 22, 2016

Sick Day

I had the day off today and had planned to stay in and work on some projects. What's that saying about making plans?? I woke up and felt nauseous. I tried to ignore it but it didn't go away. I won't describe the rest of my terrible symptoms. Let just say I was sick most of the day. So, I'll post a few pictures of what I had planned on doing if I had felt well!

I've been machine quilting the Tone It Down quilt that is pictured above. I have those 4 blocks at the bottom of the picture left to quilt. The rest is done! I had planned on getting another block done today. I'm hoping tomorrow, if I feel well enough.

Here's another view of the same quilt. I'm almost there!

You would think I could work on hexies while I'm laying on the couch. I can't! I made this hexie last week. It's the first one I've made in ages! I love how the fish float all around! I had planned on making another one today. 

So, I'm hoping tomorrow is better. I can eat now and my stomach feels pretty good. I ate lightly all day. I have a little bit of a headache which I think is my body telling me to go to sleep. Sleep actually sounds pretty good to me!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

More Blocks

I'm only 4 blocks shy of piecing this quilt top together. I need 49 blocks and I have 45 done. The remaining blocks will each be made of 4 mini blocks. I haven't even started to cut the strips yet. I'm hoping they won't take too long. I can't wait to finish this quilt top!

These are the 12 blocks I just completed yesterday. Some of these blocks have weird combinations of prints which I did on purpose. I think they will all blend nicely when I determine the final setting of the blocks.

I made more progress on Sweet Tea and Green Beans. This is such fun! I love finding the perfect color/print to complete my block. It's nice to be able to applique again. I love how busy these blocks are! I don't think I've made anything like this before.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! It looks like Lily likes the roses I got from my husband for Valentine's Day! I'm so glad I made that table topper. The roses look perfect there!

I haven't been doing too much sewing lately. I did go fabric shopping this past Friday. I went to Fabric Extravaganza which is an annual event I look forward to. A few quilt shops get together and offer fabric and supplies at great prices. Unfortunately, I didn't buy anything this year. Due to my disappointment, my friend and I decided to drive to The Bunkhouse Quilt Shop which was close to a 45 minute drive. It was well worth the drive!

Here's what I bought!

I needed 3 coordinating fabrics to make this wreath.

I plan on making one for me and one for my mom. I've been reading the directions but they don't really make sense to me. I'm hoping they make more sense once I'm actually working on the wreath.

Got to go! We're having a little birthday party for my son. Can't believe he's already 24! He's the best Valentine's Day I'll ever get!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Farmer's Wife 1930's Sampler Quilt

I'm finished making my Farmer's Wife 1930's blocks. I opted to make 42 blocks. I will have 7 rows made up of 6 blocks each. The blocks will be set on point. I'm not making any size quilt from the book. I found the lap size quilt too small (32 blocks, 50" X 59") but the twin size too large ( 84 blocks, 78" X 95"). My quilt will be somewhere in the middle. I may also add an extra border. Time will tell exactly what size I end up making!

Here are the blocks I made since my last post.

This block is Grandmother. I feel it needs flowers in that pretty basket!

This is Tirzah on the left and Lola on the right. I love Tirzah! One of my favorites!

This is Nan and Mrs. Taft. Mrs. Taft will be used as triangle pieces when the quilt is sewn together.

This is Dolly and Heather. I think Dolly was made up of 57 pieces. (Ugh!)

Lastly, we have Doris and Mary Gray.

I chose some of these block patterns myself just to be able to finish piecing the blocks I needed. Two blocks were released each week. I knew I didn't need many more blocks so I decided to go ahead and make what I liked! The quilt along will make all 99 blocks in the book. I just had no patience left!

I plan on buying setting and backing fabric very soon! It's nice to know my 6 1/2 inch blocks are done!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Scarf Mania!

I seem to be working on lots of scarves lately! I thought I'd share my latest completed projects with you! This first picture is my latest Infinity Scarf. These are fun to make and so fast!! It takes longer to wash the fabric. The picture makes the fabric look purple but it's actually more red. I think it's a fun accessory to have available especially since these scarves are so popular right now.

Here's my latest knit scarf/shawlette. The garter stitch is the main stitch which made this rather easy. The worst part is you have to keep count of what row you're working on. There were 8 rows to complete the pattern. I did have to use short rows but they're not too difficult.

Here's a close up. This yarn has a nice variegated color pattern running through it.

I also made this little pin using my leftover yarn. Hope my friend likes it!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Green Tea and Sweet Beans

I had never heard of Jen Kingwell until I joined Instagram. Her quilts are amazing! I knew I had to make one at some point. It just so happened that I found one of her quilt patterns at my guild's quilt show. It's not a very new pattern. It was published in 2012. As you can see, the quilt is very busy.

Here's my version of the quilt so far!

The Orange Peel blocks are the first ones I made. I hand appliqued them but used the machine pieced them together.

I had made a total of 7 Orange Peel blocks. The middle block is called Baby Carriage.  I appliqued the circles but machine pieced the rest.

This is Flower Garden. I've appliqued the stems already. The flowers will be next!

I'm using my fabric stash and my usual colors. I'd like to lighten up the palette. I want to be reminded of spring and summer. It's fun to find that small piece of fabric that you know will be perfect for that block. I'm having a fun time just taking my time and slowly piecing this together.

Old and New!

I made this quilt about 15 years ago. It's called Starry Night. I signed up for a Block of the Month. I would receive directions as...