Friday, October 28, 2011

Puzzle Box Quilt top

I finally sewed the borders onto my Puzzle Box Quilt top. I had sewn the blocks together a few weeks ago. I decided on a plain black border. I was sort of surprised at how many different blacks are out there! I decided on a Kona Bay solid black. It was my favorite.  I also found out that many solids are cheaper than prints. I've never bought too many solids in the past.

According to the pattern, the borders were supposed to be 15 inches wide but I settled on 10 inches. I felt that 15 inches was too wide. Also, I plan on machine quilting this quilt on my domestic sewing machine and felt a smaller quilt would be easier to handle.  I really don't need an 81 X 81 quilt.
I really like the final result! Let me know what you think too!!


  1. Hey Rosemary--Really like this a lot; nice color choices, too---- very modern...great work...Julierose

  2. I love the colors you picked out!!! Just perfect. Great job!! Hugs- Sandie

  3. I really like the black for the border. Gives it kind of a "modern Amish" look, if there is such a thing. :-)


  4. Hi Rosemary, The black border really sets it off. Love the result.

  5. Hi Rosemary--Henri is a friend's kitty who lords it over the entire household on Cape Cod; I haven't been able to machine quilt--luckily we have power back and are babysitting for our three grandsons as they are w/o power....what a mess here in CT, too. I have pin basted and rolled my quilt ready for machining....Julierose

  6. Hi Rosemary! I love the clean fresh look of the quilt and the black really makes the center pop!

  7. Thanks, Gwen. I tried to find your blog but I wasn't able to. I like hearing that you like the black. It made the most sense since there are so many bright colors in the quilt! Nice hearing from you!

  8. It turned out bold and stunning, the colors in the heart are so vivid and bright and it gets a bit of calm by the black border. Are there really different blacks on fabrics? Must be, there are different shades of white too...


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