Friday, November 4, 2011

A Quilter's Gathering

It's finally Friday. This past week was rather difficult. We had the snow to contend with as well as the lack of electricity for a few days. Once the power did come back on, I felt I had so much to catch up on. I did get a little knitting done but that's about it. However, this weekend should be much better.

The Quilter's Gathering takes place this weekend in Nashua, NH. I have signed up to take a class with Sue Nickels who will be teaching us Drawing Fabulous Feathers. I have machine quilted before but am rather limited as to what I can do. I can sew an all over meander and can also quilt in the ditch. I would like to expand my abilities and hope I can start to make feathers. I know much practice will be involved once the class is over but hope the basic skill that is taught will get me started.

I have two quilt tops to machine quilt. You have already seen the Puzzle Box Quilt. I also have another top designed by Bradie Sparrow called Star Sampler. I made it last year and used only my stash. My daughter helped pick out the fabric with me.

I would like to use some of my stash fabrics for the backing. I have some great 1-2 yard cuts. But since I am going to the quilt show this weekend, I am keeping my options open and looking for some fabrics that might catch my eye. Quilt shows are so much fun!

I have to go out now and buy supplies for my class. It seems I leave everything for the last minute but this past week was a bit out of the ordinary! Can't wait to let you know how the class goes!!


  1. Hi Rosemary from the land of "wha' happened to my house?" My daughter and her family are still camping out here as they-- for the 6th day now--- are w/o power--hope you have fun at the Quilt Show...I am going to try to do SOME machine piecing this pm--perhaps my 11-yr old granddaughter will be interested....Julierose

  2. Oh thanks Rosemary; early on this morning, my daughter's power came on--we are just kind of catching our breath this morning--6 house guests for six days--no matter how good they are--is really something!! I, so far, do not like machine quilting; for now, I am going to tie my two wall hangings....I have trouble managing big, bulky things and holding them straight...Julierose AAAArgh!!

  3. Hope to see a new post about your quilt class... *hint hint*


  4. Hi Rosemary, How was The Gathering? I did not make it this year. Too much to do in the yard to clean up from last week's Trick-or-Treat snow storm.



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