Friday, January 13, 2012

Knitting Update

Even though I am practicing free motion quilting and working on a few quilting projects, I'm also doing a little knitting. Unlike quilting, I only work on one project at a time. I just finished one slipper.

This is just 2 different views of the slipper I finished. I was watching the last ever episode of One Life to Live. I loved doing handwork while watching soaps. I will certainly miss both All My Children as well as One Life to Life. I'll have to find something else to watch while I knit or hand sew. Anyways, my first slipper is done. I loved working on it. So fun. Here's the magazine I got the pattern from.

It only comes out once a year but it has the best patterns! They are very feminine and frilly. I love that stuff! There is also a scarf and a shawl I hope to knit. (If I ever get caught up with my other projects!) I just bought this yarn yesterday for the shawl pattern.

It's just a tiny bit variegated. It will look so nice! I plan on wearing the shawl as a scarf. I have no idea how I would wear a shawl. I dress pretty casually for work and don't dress formally very much.

I also wanted to share the hat my daughter made for her boyfriend for Christmas. I taught her to knit and take great pride in whatever she makes. It's her first cable project. I think it looks great!!

He wore it to my house last weekend and it looked really nice on him! I think I'm done knitting for the day. Time to get back to my quilting projects!!


  1. Lovely slipper--like that lacey edge; the color of that pinky skein is really great.....I can only do one thing at a time also. I think I had waaay too many "balls in the air" before the holidays. Julierose

  2. Very beautiful! I have tried a couple of times to learn to knit - but was not able to get the hang of it. This makes me want to try again :)

  3. This is lovely. I'll have to get that magazine for my mom. She's an avid knitter. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog (in December, I'm sorry to say). I'm really enjoying my Farmer's Daughter Quilt project.

  4. Such cute slippers! Also, your daughter did an excellent job on the cable cap! I need to start up a knitting project before I forget how to knit! :)


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