Sunday, April 15, 2012

Machine Quilter's Exposition

My friends and I finally made it to MQX this year! We had planned on going last year since the guild was sponsoring a trip but it got cancelled due to lack of interest. This year, three of my friends and I decided to go ourselves. Providence, RI is over an hour from our area. We all got together around 9am and got there a little before 10:30am. I'll have to admit that we were a little surprised. We were expecting crowds and chaos but it was relatively quiet. We got in right away. There were no lines to pay admission. The show was set up very nicely. The quilts were interspersed with the vendors. You could shop and see the quilts at the same time! I've taken pictures of the ones that appealed to me the most. However, they were all spectacular! It's amazing what longarms and sewing machines are capable when being used by some truly talented quilters. I did not take note as to who made the quilt. I just took pictures from my phone.

I loved the trapunto on this quilt. The dresden flowers were so well done! I had to keep myself from touching them!

I loved this floral scene. It was quilted very nicely and embellished.

I really loved the applique on these two quilts. The quilting was just amazing!

This cat was made from thread! I would have no idea how to even attempt this!

This was quilting on a whole cloth quilt. Just beautiful!

This was a scene made with thread, applique and much embellishing.

This quilt was just breath taking! A couple of us thought the back was the front of the quilt. The back looked heavily quilted. Imagine how surprised we were when we found all this applique on the actual front!!

Both of these photos are close ups of the above quilt. The quilting was just exquisite! So beautiful!

I thought this was a very cool scene being depicted! Wonderful applique and quilting as well!

I will end this post with Best of Show! This quilt sparkled. Just gorgeous and it has the ribbons to prove it!!


  1. Hi Rosemary (fellow North Eastner), I am so glad to have linked up with Marcia--and find some great blogs. Looks like you had a fun trip to the show. My hope is to get to that show someday.I look forward to getting your posts.

  2. Had a great time! I love a quilt field trip.
    Why didn't we take a pic of us in front of that sign?

    1. I know! We should have had our picture taken! I had a great time yesterday! Hope you did too!!

  3. I was so busy taking detail shots of the quilting, that I didn't get pix of whole quilts. I'm glad that you did! I especially liked that black/white/gray one.

  4. Wow this looks like an inspiring quilt show, everything is so gorgeous!


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