Sunday, February 8, 2015

Monster Quilt!

Thanks to the bad weather, I finished machine quilting my mom's quilt today! My pictures didn't come out very good. Unfortunately, this quilt is too big to capture. I stood on the coffee table in my family room and I still couldn't get the whole thing!

I stood on the hassock for this picture. Anyways, you get the idea! I must admit that it's nice and flat. The meandering brings a little more cohesiveness to the entire quilt. I used two different variegated King Tut threads. My mom is already looking forward to putting this on her bed. It measures 95" by 105".

I already started making my binding. I'm using the backing fabric as the binding. It's from Connecting Threads. It's a nice blue denim color. (Can't tell that in this picture either!) I think it will complement the quilt top very nicely.

Another snowstorm is coming. This one is supposed to be a long duration event. In other words, it's going to snow until Tuesday morning. That's okay. I have plenty to do! Hope everyone stays safe and warm through the storm!


  1. I'm getting a little giggle picturing you standing on your coffee table to get a photo. :-)
    The finished quilt looks great!

    1. I did look pretty silly! Just finished binding it. Now time to hand sew! Almost done!!


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