Sunday, July 26, 2015

More Farm Girl Blocks!!

Here are all my blocks so far! I've made 25 out of 45 blocks. These blocks measure 6 1/2 inches square. This is such a fun project! I think these blocks are cute and so fun to make. I'm only using fabric from my stash. I'll probably break down and buy fabric for the borders but I'm going to try using my stash first.

Here are the blocks I've made since my last post about Farm Girl Vintage.

This is Haystack Block and Grandma's Quilt Block.

Here we have Kettle's On! Block and Kitchen Window Block

Next, we have Furrows Block and Gingham Block.

Lastly, we have Mama Hen Block and Milking Day Block! Lori Holt has created such a unique quilt! Love it!!

Looking forward to the next 20 blocks!


  1. So cute! Hard to believe it all came from stash. The colors play so nicely together.

    1. Thanks, Em! It's been fun to search through my stash. So much fabric I've forgotten I ever had!


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