Monday, November 9, 2015

A Quilter's Gathering

 I went to A Quilter's Gathering this past Friday in Manchester, NH.   I took 2 classes with Debby Brown on the Sweet Sixteen sit down quilting machine. Debby Brown works for Handi Quilter and is a wealth of information when it comes to quilting.

My first class was for us non-artists who need to design quilt patterns for our quilts. She showed us some great techniques that make designing easier. We used grids customized for our own quilts. There are so many designs you can make on a grid. Once the quilting is done, the grid is erased and the design looks gorgeous! No one will ever know you ever used a grid!

My second class dealt with using rulers and quilting at the same time. I've tried using rulers but never felt coordinated enough to get much done. I got some great ideas to make this whole technique much easier. I'll still need practice but I have a better understanding on what to do. 

Debby is a phenomenal quilter. She had some of her quilts on display. We all loved this small quilt. There are some great examples of her exquisite quilting here. 

Her spacing and stitch length are just perfect! She doesn't even have to use the stitch regulator!

I love these circles. So tiny!!

Swirls and stippling.

Basket weave

Pebbles and feathers.

I had a wonderful time Friday. I shopped and drooled over the quilts in the show. I know I'll be going again next year!


  1. Beautiful quilting on her class samples. Great to learn from the best!

    1. She had some great ideas! I really enjoyed both classes.


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