Sunday, August 14, 2016

My Projects

Like most quilters, I have a few projects going. I'm working on hand piecing these hexagons for the Jen Kingwell quilt, Sweet Tea and Green Beans. Each side measures one inch. I copied the template onto freezer paper which I then ironed to the wrong side of the fabric. I basted the seam allowance down. I need to make 38 total. It will make one block that will measure 15" X 8.5" finished. 

I made these lace socks for the daughter of a friend. She's 4 years old. These socks were nice and quick due to their size. I was thinking of making another pair for my friend so they would have matching socks! 

I thought you'd like to see the progress I've made on the borders of Farmgirl Vintage. I made the circles in the first border. I stitched around each of the red flying geese. I made a little fleur de lis in the light areas of the flying geese. I have 2 sides left. 

This picture shows how I marked little dots on the bottom of the first border. That was to help me to space the circles evenly. The dot at the top of the border was a reminder of where to place the small circles that alternated. It worked very nicely. I read that somewhere so I can't take credit for that little trick!

The borders are going so fast! I've already ordered backing for Arcadia Avenue. That's the next quilt I plan on quilting. I always seem to have 3 quilt tops to quilt. Hoping to get that number to zero!


  1. Lovely projects; great idea for the socks--hugs, Julierose

    1. Thanks, Julierose! Getting so sick of this heat. Hope you're staying cool!

  2. Those hexies look great in the fabrics you chose.
    The socks are so cute and a matching mommy/daughter set would be awesome.
    I really like the circle-in-a-circle pattern you quilted into the border.

    1. Thank you, Em! Staying in and trying to beat the heat!


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