Friday, January 3, 2014

Secret Santa Reveal

I'm so late in revealing and thanking my Secret Santas. Between working the holidays and the stupid snowstorm, my usual schedule has been disrupted.

First of all, I'd like to thank my Secret Santa, Bellezza who blogs over at Every Stitch a Prayer. I hope you check out her blog. She's working on some great projects and I find her blog has lots of fun stuff going on. She sent me these wonderful homemade cookies and I forgot to thank her. Thank you, Bellezza! They didn't last too long in my house! We truly enjoyed them. Thank you for the New Year card. I wish you a Happy New Year and thank you for all the wonderful gifts you sent. I feel as though I've made a new friend! Hope you feel the same!

I was Secret Santa to Joanne who blogs at My Random Insanities. Her blog is packed with everything vintage as well as her adorable grandchildren. I've never thought of myself as someone who looks for vintage items but I seem to have more vintage in my home than I thought. I hope you'll visit her blog also.  She has some gorgeous pictures to look through.

This was my first time being a Secret Santa through my blog and I kept hoping I was doing everything properly. This whole experience was so fun.  It was a little different for me. I have been a Secret Santa at work but that's a little different. You actually know the person and can ask fellow employees for ideas when buying gifts. It was challenging to buy gifts for someone you can only know through a blog. I'll know better next year!

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season. I'm always happy to see the holidays coming but also happy when they're over!!


  1. It was new to me too, and with all the ideas in the questionnaire, I wanted to do more, and more and more. I love your blog and would enjoy adding some of the links you have on it to mine. Maybe we can chat privately so I can learn those tech-y tricks from you!

  2. stay warm and safe in the snow .. better to be inside sewing if you can x

    1. It's been bitterly cold here. I have tried to stay in and sew if possible. I miss summer!


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