Thursday, May 15, 2014

Knitting Update

You may be wondering what the heck is in this picture! Well, it's supposed to be a shrug. It's not finished yet! (Good thing!)  I started by casting on 40 stitches. I worked a cable chart which wasn't too bad. After the chart, I had to work 160 short rows! I have knit short rows in the past, but not to this extent. I started the short rows on one side and ended up on the other. From there, I worked my way back to the beginning. That's what makes the circular look of the shrug. The center seam was sewn together and the entire piece was blocked.  My next step is to pick up stitches and work on the edging and collar.

This is the book I'm using and the cover photo is the shrug I'm working on. I'm just hoping my finished piece looks like that! I'll post a picture when I'm done. I'm currently sewing down binding on a quilt I made as a gift. My daughter's friend is graduating this weekend so I'm trying to finish the quilt up as soon as I can. I hope to get back to my shrug soon. I'm hoping I'll be wearing my shrug this summer when that air conditioning gets a bit too chilly!


  1. Looks like a complicated pattern to follow! Glad you showed us what the finished piece will look like. I'm sure it will turn out great!

    1. I hope it will work out! This is the same yarn I used to make a sweater that turned out so badly that I ripped it apart! Hope it's not bad luck!!


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