Saturday, June 14, 2014

Grid-Based Design #2

I only took one picture of this week's grid design. I used the same method as last week.  I drew a 2 inch square grid using rulers. I only made loops in every other square. I think this would look better in a smaller scale. I really liked the texture it created. I feel it would make a great background design. It's amazing how something so simple can create such a nice look. I will once again be linking over at
Amy's Free Motion Quilting Adventures.

I'm still trying to get back to normal after a few weird days. I love General Hospital and always look forward to watching on my days off. When I turned the television on to watch it Thursday afternoon, I realized I had no cable. I picked up the phone and had no dial tone. The computer had no internet!
I had to call Verizon from my cell phone and they asked me if I was sure I had power!! I guess there was a problem with the cable line that delivers service to my house. Since it was later in the afternoon, we had to wait until the next day for someone to come fix it. I was also working so they came later on the day Friday. What a pain! It was a very quiet Thursday night here. I'm just catching up watching programs on tv and getting my blog post up! Technology is great, when it's working!!

Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dads out there!! Enjoy!!


  1. Thankfully, you didn't need cable for your sewing machine to work. :-)
    Looks great!

    1. Thanks! It was so weird not having phone, tv or internet! Glad to have them back!

  2. We lose the internet here and the whole family goes into withdrawals! Thanks for linking up and sharing your design work!

    1. Thanks, Amy. Looking forward to more free motion designs!


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