Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Little Clamshells

I've finally finished quilting the white background of my Basket Case quilt. It took awhile but I'm glad I kept going.  You can see the swirls quite nicely in the strip portion of the quilt. I free motion quilted little clamshells in the white background. I think I've got this pattern down pretty well after all this practice!

Here's a picture of the whole quilt. I spray basted this quilt but felt the borders had moved a little. I have the borders all pinned just to keep everything nice and smooth.  I'm going to try to quilt feathers in that last border. I'm not quite sure if I should use a straight stem or a curved stem. I only have 3 3/4 inches available for the actual feather. Hopefully, I'll show you what I decide!!


  1. Looks very pretty. The bands of colors really pop.

    1. Thanks! Like this effect. Now, those pesky borders!!


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