Thursday, June 4, 2015


I finally finished Starburst which is Block 10 of Arcadia Avenue.  I've been piecing this poor block for days! I'm working on too many projects right now. I'm trying to finish the mystery quilt from my quilt guild. Our last meeting is this Tuesday and each of the participants is encouraged to bring in their quilt top. Of course, I have to finish the darn thing first! It is fun to see how different everyone's quilt top looks. I'll post pictures next week.

I'm also still trying to finish machine quilting Ladies of Downton Abbey. I'm working on hiding the threads. And I also started the Farm Girl Vintage Sew Along a few weeks ago. What was I thinking??

I only have 2 blocks left to piece for Arcadia Avenue. I'm hoping the mystery quilt will be done very soon. That only leaves 2 projects. It doesn't sound too bad!  I think I'll be okay!!

Here are all the blocks together! I love them! Hope you do too!!


My Busy Longarm!

Here's the vintage quilt with the binding all attached! I can't believe this quilt is finished. It felt like a privilege to me ...