Saturday, October 24, 2015

Farmer's Wife 1930's Update

Here are the blocks we have made so far in the Farmer's Wife 1930's Sew Along. I love working with this fabric. It's so pretty and cheerful. However, the blocks always take a little longer than you think! They're 6 1/2 inches square. The pieces are rather small. And it's very easy to sew something backwards or sideways! However, I feel my piecing is really getting better.

Here's a little recap of the blocks we've made so far.

These were the first 2 blocks we made. These blocks were not difficult. Becky is on the left and Bonnie is on the right. Each block is accompanied by a letter written by an actual farmer's wife of that time. They are so sad and yet uplifting at the same time. The Depression was such a difficult time to live through. These women talk about their hardships but try to accentuate the positives in their lives as well.

Aunt, left, wasn't too difficult to piece. However, Caroline, right, started to get a little harder. Lots of pieces in this block!

I enjoyed making Betty, on the left.  However, Belle was a different story. Belle had Y seams which I haven't done in years. Glad to say, it worked out fine!

Coral, left, looks like a star with a peep hole!  Old Maid, right, looks pretty new to me!

I just finished these last 2 blocks. Katherine, left, and Susannah went together quickly. I had to take my time making them. So easy to mix up pieces!!

That's it, so far! There are a total of 99 blocks in the book. I don't plan on making a quilt large enough to use up all the blocks. The lap size only uses 32 blocks. I'm still deciding what size to make!


  1. Very pretty so far! I've finally got mine started. "Old Maid" has got me stalled. The pieces refuse to match up. Going to do it over using paper piecing.

    1. Glad you like them! I really think paper piecing is the way to go with these blocks. The pieces are so small and easy to screw up! I think these blocks are adorable, after they're done!!

  2. Just lovely pieced blocks--a lot of little pieces for sure--hugs, Julierose

    1. Thank you, Julierose! Have to take my time with these little blocks!!


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