Friday, January 8, 2016

Sweetheart Table Topper

This cute little Sweetheart Table Topper is a free tutorial over at Jaybird Quilts. You can follow this link to her free tutorial. I saw the tutorial last year but I never found the time to make it for Valentine's Day. I decided to start early this year and actually get it done in time to display it for the holiday. My son's birthday is February 14 so I make sure and put lots of Valentine's Day decorations out!

I used this ruler to make the topper. I think she also has a smaller ruler you could use to make the topper. Her directions are very clear and these rulers make it quite simple to make.

Here are my hearts all cut out. Actually, each piece is a jewel shape. Put two together, pretty hearts are made! I just used pinks from my stash.

I cut little triangles for the background. Also, from my stash! I recommend trimming off the points from the background triangles. It makes piecing so much easier!

Each topper is made up of 6 blocks. Each block is made up of 3 jewels and 4 background triangles.

I made three at a time. You just have to be careful about placing the correct colors near each other to complete your heart shape.

I made all six blocks.

I sewed 3 blocks together which made one half of the topper.

My two halves are ready to be sewn together.

Finished!! I just have to figure out how to quilt it. Time to pin baste and get quilting! Much thanks to Jaybird Quilts and her awesome patterns. Julie is so nice to have this pattern available for free. 


  1. Very sweet! I have the mini hex 'n more ruler. Bet a mini version would be cute, but would be more of a mug rug than a table topper. :-)

    1. Thanks, Em! You can use a few different rulers to make this topper. I only had that ruler so I used it. You may still be able to make it full size. Check it out!

  2. I haven't seen this one!!!! Those sweet hearts would be so perfect scattered across a white background (almost like a whole cloth). Of course, I would figure out a way to do feathers!!!! LOL!!!

    1. Isn't it so sweet?! I can't believe it's a free pattern. It was fun to make. You have some great ideas. Feather would look great on this!


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