Wednesday, June 8, 2016

More Farmgirl Vintage Blocks FMQ

I've been machine quilting a few more blocks. This is Kitchen Window Block. As you can see, I made echoed loops in the 4 patch and pebbles in the surrounding frame. The outer border has loops going back and forth all the way around. I'm not used to pebbles. They aren't perfect but I think it looks okay. Pebbles are all different in nature too!

Out to Pasture Block has echoed loops in the middle and loops going up and down in the border.

Grandma's Quilt Block has a little loopy flower in the middle. Lots of loops in the surrounding squares and rectangles. I made little curves in each side of the triangles. 

Scrappy Maple Leaf Block has curves around each triangle edge with stippling inside the triangle.

Each block is outlined. While outlining each block, I try and figure out how I'm going to quilt the block. These blocks are only 6 inches square. I think it takes me longer to decide how to quilt the block than actually quilting. Little by little, I'll get this quilt done! (May still take awhile!!)


  1. I love the way you are giving each block it's own personal quilting pattern. With the detail photos, you can't help but see what a variety of fabrics you were able to put together into one quilt.

    1. Thanks, Em. I felt it was the best way to showcase the variety of fabrics as well as the variety of blocks. Takes a little more time but worth it!

  2. Lovely scrappy variation--and special quilting, too! how wonderful...hugs, Julierose

    1. Thanks, Julierose! Having fun trying to figure out how to quilt each block. Trying to be creative! Does not come easy to me!!)


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