Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Arcadia Avenue Update

I have completed quilting 4 blocks of the Arcadia Avenue quilt. Some of them have been easy to quilt but some are taking longer than expected. Most of this block was just stitched in the ditch. I stitched a few diamonds in the very center. 

Here's a closeup of the black diamonds in the same block.

I finally finished this block when I changed my thread to black. Here's a close up!

Even though the thread is black, it looks almost gray on this fabric. There are so many blacks that it's difficult to match them up perfectly.

I think I've posted this one before. I stitched around the entire block which really makes a difference! It lays so much flatter!

I tried to stitch a spiral in the middle of this block. There is so much bulk there that I just couldn't control my machine. I decided to just make a small spiral flower. Twelve fabrics meeting in the middle makes for a tough area to quilt!

That's it so far. I still have to decide how to quilt the large black diamonds on either side of these blocks. I'm down to 3 possible designs. Decisions, decisions!!


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