Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas decorations

We're a bit slow decorating the house. I've started putting out a few things but the big items are still up in the attic. I usually wait until either my husband or one of the kids is around to help me set up.  I did put up some of my quilted decorations so I thought I would share them with you.   

I made this table runner last year. I found the pattern on the C & T website. I'm not sure why but I love using free patterns. I have so many books but love to find a freebie! I just loved the whimsical look. I also like to applique so it was fun to make. I did all the applique by hand but machine quilted it.

I made this little door hanger last year also. I used a pattern from Quilting Arts. I suppose I should say I adapted this pattern since I did change a few things. I hang it on the door knob of my front door. My kids really like it.  It's also machine quilted and I did hand applique the tree. I added little Christmas bulb decorations to the tree. You can see a few of them in the picture.

I also finished one pair of socks for my dad for Christmas. They're just very basic knit socks. He uses them to keep warm. It's sort of ironic that my dad, the tailor, used to make my clothes and now I'm knitting for him. I guess we use whatever skills we possess to help each other out. I've already started his next pair. They're a little different. I wanted to try something new. I'll let you know how it's going when I finally reach the pattern. Ribbing can take awhile!


  1. I love your Christmas projects, you are doing a great job.... I love Christmas. Hey , I finally finished my BOM #3. Come check them out. Hugs to you -- Sandie

  2. Hi Rosemary--Just love that doorhanger you mad...need to make one for my Mom at her Nursing Home...yikes--a NOTHer project to get done...Julierose

  3. Love them all, but love the irony of your dad making your clothes and now you are making something for him. Sweet!


  4. I just made block 3, so ,caughtup!! HooRay ! I love the candy stick and sweets table runner...will have to find the pattern...I KNOW what you mean about free things!! lol x


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