Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Santa

Just finished this Santa wall hanging. I started it the day after Thanksgiving. My daughter, Becca, was home and chose most of the fabrics. It's a Debbie Mumm pattern from one of her books. I've had the book sitting around for ages. I cut the pieces out on Friday and then started to sew on Saturday. I've always hoped Becca would get interested in quilting but she was working on her homework when I actually started to sew this together. I did teach her to knit and she has knit a few items. This Santa is now hanging near my fireplace. It was nice to add another Christmas decoration to my collection.

I've been knitting constantly trying to make good progress on socks for my dad. I'm just about turning the heel on the first sock of the second pair I hope to give my dad for Christmas. I love to knit but working with a deadline takes the fun away. This pattern is a little different. It almost forms a thermal sock with ridges that are supposed to really keep your feet warm. I hope they work!

My house is all decorated except for the actual tree. The kids will be home this weekend and we'll get the tree all done. I've even wrapped a few gifts. All the gifts that have to be mailed are well on their way. I guess I've made some progress but I still feel I have a long way to go!

Ricky, our cat, got his gift early this year. His old bed had been washed too many times and the stuffing was starting to come out. He now has a brand new bed.
 I think he likes it!!


  1. Cute Santa quilt!
    I love pictures of pets all cozy in their wee little beds. Sweet dreams, Ricky!


  2. I like your new Santa quilt. I am sure it looks very festive over your fireplace. Looks like Ricky is a big fan of his new bed! He looks so comfy and cozy.


  3. It looks as if Ricky is enjoying his new bed xx

  4. I thought I recognized the Santa pattern. I haven't done a Debbie Mum pattern in a long time. Yours turned out very good and in time for the holiday season.

  5. I agree that deadlines take the fun out of a project. Ricky looks like he is really enjoying his new bed! :) Your Santa wall hanging looks great!


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