Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mystery solved!

Last night was the last meeting of our quilt guild. It's always a fun meeting. We have a banquet, more raffles than usual and we recap the year. One of the things we all like to see is the outcome of the block swaps and mystery quilts. The block swaps were hanging on the walls throughout the hall. I must admit that I didn't take any pictures! Each participant picks a block and everyone makes them a block throughout the year. They were all very nice.

I did the mystery quilt this year. It's fun because you never really know what you're going to end up with. Mystery quilt tops are displayed at the last meeting and everyone gets a kick out of seeing how each quilt turned out so differently. I think it's a nice lesson in color. Color plays such a huge role in all our quilts.Some patterns become more prevalent depending on the colors used. It's always neat to see so many quilts of the same pattern being displayed right next to each other.

I doubt many of you could pick out my quilt even though I've posted the picture. It sort of blends in with all the others! I'm the purplish quilt somewhat in the middle. In the top picture, I'm between 2 brownish quilts.

I think this is my 3rd mystery quilt. I always used fabric from my stash. Another free quilt! I try to forget that I actually bought all this fabric at some point since it's free for me to use now!


  1. I love to see comparisons of the same pattern done in different colors. These were so pretty!

  2. I thought they all looked nice, too! Someone took great pictures for me!

  3. It looks like a pretty rainbow! So neat to see the same pattern in all the different colors. :)

  4. It's fun to see every year. Even if I don't take part, I like to see all the quilts displayed together.


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