Sunday, January 13, 2013

Practicing FMQ

Even though the FMQ Challenge sponsored by SewCal Gal is over, I've still been practicing my free motion quilting. I've been noticing many different patterns as I view quilts in magazines, on line, etc.
I'm not quite as scared to try new patterns and try to figure out how the pattern is actually made. The above picture is just a sample of different patterns that I was trying out. I'm sure you can see a feather in the middle but I was also trying stars and an all over meandering.

This practice piece is mainly clam shells and swirls.I really love the feel of a pattern that rotates. I think the effect is very pretty and adds great texture. It's a bit difficult to get the swirls exactly the same width. I suppose they don't really have to be exact but the closer in size, the better.

I was trying to work on my feathers. I love feathers! I find them challenging but really love the look. I tried this one by sewing a curved spine and just seeing where it would lead. I was happy with it! I need more practice but it's coming along!

I found an allover background pattern called headband. It's very similar to the clam shell but is more open. I love this pattern! I need more practice but I just love the effect. I'm very used to meandering but really want to branch out. I feel this would be a great pattern to replace my allover meandering.

The next quilt I plan on quilting is my Twister quilt. I made a few mock ups of the finished quilter block so I could practice. I would really love to quilt feathers in each quadrant of the twister block. I practiced feathers but also tried a clam shell. I also practiced smaller clam shells in the middle of my practice piece.

There you have it! I'm hoping to start quilting my Twister in the next week or so. I've been working a lot lately and have to find time to get my practice done. Also, my kids are still on school vacation and we've been out shopping. My daughter needs nice work clothes since she'll be student teaching for the semester. We have another shopping expedition planned. Once school starts, I'll be back to my old routine.

I'll be linking to Leah Day's FMQ Friday Link Up. You can see what other people are doing with FMQ! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  1. Your work looks quite professional. All that practice has really paid off.

    1. What a nice thing to say! Thank you!!

  2. Hi Rosemary, Your fmq feathers are lovely. They flow softly and look great. The clam shells and swirls are beautiful as well. That headband design is way better than boring stipling. Bravo to you.. very well done.


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