Friday, February 10, 2012

About Town Bag finished!

I started this tote bag a few months ago but never finished it. It has a zipper attached to it and I have never sewn anything where I had to sew a zipper. I think I was a little afraid. Anyways, I did the whole project in steps. I did the braid first, then the outer bag, etc. I only had the zipper part left for quite awhile. I finally took the plunge today and finished it! I am really happy with the results. It wasn't difficult at all. I got everything first try and now I actually know how to use a zipper foot! I'm dying to tell my dad but he doesn't even use a zipper foot. He just sort of sews it!

If anyone is interested, these directions are found as a free download at Connecting Threads. They're written by Kiera Vanella whose blog is It's Sew Kiki! She has a lot of neat stuff to see. I'm always finding something fun over there! Check it out!!


  1. Neat bag, Rosemary! Would go with anything--like the neutrals for accessories. Julierose

  2. Hurrah for you for attempting your first zipper! I am putting off learning my new EQ7 because I get psyched out by unfamiliar technology, so I understand completely!

  3. The braid makes a pretty inset on the bag.


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