Monday, February 6, 2012


I haven't felt well all day. I had planned on starting the quilting on the baby quilt but my head ache just wouldn't let me!! However, I ate dinner and felt a little better. I have neglected practicing my free motion feathers so I decided to try some. I am actually going to share a photo. It's not very good but it is better than what I've been doing.
You can actually tell that I am attempting a feather! It is by no means even close to perfect, but it is so nice to see some improvement! I plan on practicing for quite some time before I even try this on a real quilt. Diane Gaudynski's tutorial is so informative! She makes it look so easy. I wish I was a bit more artistic but I just am not. My mom and my brother can both draw so well. My mother had hoped to become an art teacher but got married instead. My brother inherited her talent. However, my dad and I can both sew so I guess I inherited something pretty good as well! I'll never be as good as my dad. But I will keep trying!
Although I didn't feel well all day, I did sit on the couch and knit while watching TV. This is the lace scarf I've started using one of the hand dyed yarns I bought a while back. This pattern is also from my Jane Austen book. I love that book! The scarf needs to be blocked when finished but you can see a bit of the pattern forming. The middle is pairs of leaves with a row of undulating waves on either side. The bottom edge is hard to see but will be pointed when blocked. I'm going back to the couch but I'm happy I got to post this!


  1. So sorry to hear you are not feeling well...I can empathize with you....
    I think the feather is really lovely. I could never do that I'm sure. I am not able to actually applique my baskets as my hand just won't hold the fabric; so, am finishing up my spiders--one more to go--greens I think. Feel better....Julierose

  2. Hi, Your feather looks like a feather. The stitches are smooth and even. I love your scarf as well. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. I hope you are feeling better today, Rosemary!
    Your feathers look wonderful! YES! I can only imagine my feathers being pointy! LOL!
    That scarf is going to be beautiful!!! I LOVE the yarn and the pattern is SO pretty!!!
    Feel better soon!!!

  4. Sorry to hear about the headache. Your feathers are fantastic!


  5. muito bom Um pouco mais em dias agradáveis ​​em um abraço carinhoso;)

  6. Lovely feather. Lovely scarf. Hope you are feeling fine now.


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