Friday, May 24, 2013

Two More Blocks Quilted

I just wanted to share the progress I've made quilting the Blogger's BOM.  I would be making more progress if I knew how to quilt each block but I'm deciding as I go along! I look through books and different websites until an idea hits me. The blocks are 8 inches square so they aren't very big. I've also started quilting a pattern and had to take out stitches since I wasn't happy with the results. It's sort of like a learn as you quilt!

In this block, I made clamshells in the white background and a loopy flower in the center square. I think you'll be able to view a larger picture if you click on the photo. The colored pieces in this block become very prominent once the background quilting is done. I also quilted around the edges of the block.

For the next block, I started stippling in the white blocks but ended up ripping it out. I think the blocks were too small to really get my stippling going. It looked messy. I opted in doing long side to side loops. I actually didn't even make the loops in the same direction between the 2 checkered blocks. I figured I would have some fun!

You can see in this close up that I made a spiral/loopy flower onto the half square triangles. These were so fun and so fast! I don't mark anything and just try doing everything free hand. I use the corners as guides to where the loop should be made.

I'll be linking up at Leah Day's blog. Go take a look! Lots of gorgeous FMQ over there!

We're expecting a cold and rainy Memorial Day weekend here. I'm working tomorrow but will enjoy the weekend no matter what the weather! I hope to make more progress quilting this quilt. Enjoy your weekend and Happy Memorial Day!


  1. Your color combinations are awesome. This is going to be a beautiful quilt.

  2. Wonderful quilting and blocks--enjoy your Mem. Day Weekend,,Julierose

  3. Hello Rosemary,

    Such tiny blocks! I love the colours and am looking forward to seeing the finished quilt. Also, it's good to see somebody else making it up as they go along - I can't do free motion any other way!

    Love from England,

    1. Thank you for the lovely comment! Sampler quilts are a challenge to quilt for me but I do love them when they're finished! Please visit my blog again!!

  4. The colors in this quilt make it such a cheerful project to work on during this gloomy weather weekend. I like how you are taking the time to find the right quilting to enhance each block.

    1. Thanks for the nice comment! I can't believe the sun actually came out today! Took awhile to recognize it!


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