Saturday, December 23, 2017

Two More Days!!

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I can't believe it's only 2 days before Christmas. I'm so lucky to be off from work today. I usually work Saturdays but I was needed at the beginning of the week. The weather is just awful outside. It's been snowing and now it's freezing rain. I'm so glad to be able to stay indoors. As you can see, I'm wrapping gifts with my kids and 2 kitties, Molly and Lily. Lily is easy to see but Molly is against the wall under the tree. I think she's hiding!

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Molly is helping us wrap gifts. She ended up biting the paper and trying to eat it. We had to chase her to get it out of her mouth. 

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She also thought the scissors were very interesting. My daughter is holding them for her. Even though the cats are in the way, we're almost done wrapping.

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In between wrapping, I'm trying to get this week's clue done for the mystery quilt, On Ringo Lake. I'm about halfway through this week's clue that was released yesterday. 

Tomorrow, I'll  be baking and getting everything ready for Christmas dinner. We'll be going to my mom's for Christmas Eve. Another storm is predicted for Christmas day. Hope it's not as messy as today.

Enough of a break! Back to wrapping!!


  1. cutest little elf helpers! I was lucky I wrapped as I got so I was wrapped and ready for a bit. just didn't finish two deer quilts so on the list they go to finish first.
    also granddaughters needs to be quilted but have to piece the back first Have a very Merry Christmas and be careful out there. we too got the snow and ice like a skating rink with accidents galore here not fun

  2. I can't believe how many gifts you make for Christmas. I'm lucky to get out the few I finally finish. You're amazing!!


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