Friday, March 16, 2012

My Busy Week!

I had planned on getting so much done this past week. I knew both kids were on spring break but I didn't expect it to disrupt my life as much as it did. My daughter went to Tampa at the beginning of the week and came home early Tuesday morning. My son drove back and forth from his apartment. I didn't expect them to take up so much of my time! My daughter had jury duty. She had to buy her graduation dress. My son had the car so I drove her everywhere. My free time was gone!! I thought they were too old to do this! I guess I was wrong. I got no sewing done. I haven't touched my machine since last weekend. I have my next clue for the mystery quilt but I have done nothing!! I have worked on my shawl. It seems easy to pick up the knitting needles and work on a couple of rows.

This just gives you an idea of how it's coming along. I'm using markers for every repeat in the pattern. It helps so much when knitting a lace pattern. You know exactly where you dropped a stitch or forgot something. I even took a closeup picture of the lacy area.

Lace looks very different while you are knitting it as opposed to the finished product. Once it's blocked, the lace pattern becomes easier to see and much prettier. I tried to stretch out the lace and take a picture. I think it will look pretty when it's done. I could relax a little this past week while knitting. Between you and me, I felt I had to sit and knit. Sometimes, kids, even older ones, can drive you a little crazy.

I also worked on my hexagons. I got one done. I have a bunch to attach to the quilt top I'm working on.
I still have to machine quilt my scrappy floral sampler. I have to practice my free motion quilting for the challenge this month. I'm also keeping an eye on Leah Day's wholecloth quilting project. It looks so beautiful! I don't think I'm good enough but I may try different parts of it. I have the mystery quilt.
So much to do! I'll have to wait a few more days and then I'll be back at it again! I'll be busy sewing but at the same time, I'll probably miss the kids as well!


  1. I know how you feel. I haven't done a thing either. Between work and home, cleaning and everything! It seems there is no time. My daughter wants to get her hair cut and new shorts. These things can take all day!

  2. Love that "lacey" color--nice hexie, also following Leah Day....Happy St. Paddy's to ye....Julierose

  3. I love the color you are using in the shawl! A few years ago I purchased some expensive (a birthday gift) mohair/silk superfine yarn to knit a lacy scarf. I started it several times and would get interrupted and mess up so that I kept having to start over. I finally put it away. Now that I have the time, I should get it out and start on it again. The yarn feels "heavenly" in your hands!


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