Saturday, September 30, 2017

Finished Dust Cover

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Here's my completed dust cover for my Avante. I changed things up a little bit. I could have cut out an opening on either side to accommodate the poles. I decided against it. The openings would only work if the machine was pushed all the way to the back.While quilting, I just leave the machine wherever I stop. I felt this would keep the machine better protected against dust and any fur my cats may throw around in the area!

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Here's a closeup of the front of the machine before I applied the binding. I love the sewing machines! I wasn't convinced I needed I binding so I zig zagged all the edges. I suppose I could have left it but the binding does give it a nice finished look.

I also placed small velcro dots along the top that has a built in opening for the thread pole. I may use something else eventually. I feel those dots just keep coming off no matter how hard I press them down. Either way, I think it's a nice way to protect my machine.


  1. I love your dust cover. Can you direct me to the pattern? Even though I have an APQS Lucey, I am sure I could make this work for my machine.

    1. Thanks, Karen! Here's the link:

    2. The link works if you copy and paste it! Hope you like it!

  2. OH my goodness Rosemary this turned out awesome! Nice job lady!!!

  3. Great finish on this cover--hugs, Julierose

  4. Looks great! I think the binding gives it a very polished look, and a lot easier than trying train your kitties to stop throwing their fur around. :-)


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