Monday, October 11, 2021

Longarm Meets Old School

This is the pantograph I'm quilting on my friend's grandson's quilt. It's called Star Shine by Apricot Moon Designs. One pass covers about 10 inches. I knew the large meander wouldn't be too difficult for me but I was worried about making that star! If you notice, it barely touches the meander. It's basically attached by a tiny little point. I was also afraid each arm of the star wouldn't be as straight as it should be. Or I could extend the lines and not get a nice crisp point. What's a quilter to do??

I decided to go back to my quilting roots and use cardboard! I traced the star. I would follow the pantograph but stop where the star was positioned.

I would go to the front of the longarm and trace the star using my disappearing purple pen.

I grabbed a ruler and stitched over my markings. Then, I'd go to the back of the longarm and continue with the pantograph until I encounter another star.

And so far, it seems to be working just fine! It does take a little longer but the stars look pretty good! I'm happy with the results. I hope my friend likes it too!


  1. Oh that must be a lot of back and forth! I know what you mean about the stars and that "connection" to the meandering. I have a stars and ribbon panto that connects a little easier than that but for the stars I find focusing JUST on that one point to the next is helpful. I'm pretty picky but I also feel that in the end, stars are one of those things that don't have to be perfect.

  2. I did try a few stars on my own and I just didn't like how they looked! Yes, lots of back and forth, but it did come out good. Better than my stars!


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