Thursday, January 26, 2023

I Like Thursday #175

It's time for I Like Thursday. A bunch of us bloggers try to post happy and uplifting topics. Please visit LeeAnna over at  Not Afraid of Color to link up to more like minded posts. I had a birthday this week and received these gorgeous flowers from my brother and his family. I always try to downplay my birthday so it was totally unexpected to receive them. It was a great surprise! They're just gorgeous. Thank you, Jimmy, Peggy and Gina!

I have a friend who just loves to shop. She knows how much I love to knit and quilt so Christmas gifts from her are always fun. She got me this great kitty yarn bowl. I've always wanted a yarn bowl but didn't see one I was crazy about. Until now! It's so cute. I love it!

That same friend has a daughter who saw this book at an antique book store in Boston and got it for me. It was published in 1915. This is going to be one of my most prized possessions! I was so surprised! There's a lot of applique in this book which will be helpful with the blocks I've been making.

 I started quilting the string quilt. I had planned on stippling a good portion of it since it's so busy. I almost changed my mind after seeing a discussion on Instagram that bashed stippling. I've always like the look of stippling on quilts. I know a lot of people like pantographs but my last few quilts were all quilted with a panto and I'm sort of sick of them. I really like to free motion and it's going to be stippling! I don't care what the quilt police say! I hope I don't get arrested!!

Our prompt this week is color. I love most colors. However, I've always been partial to pink and I still am! My sewing room is pink themed. The walls, chair, cutting mat and irons are all pink! I also love to wear pink. I think it looks great on olive skin. I did go through a purple phase when I was younger. I had a purple passion plant named Penelope. I'm not sure why I remember that! I do like other colors depending on the situation but pink is my favorite.

Have a great weekend! Our snowstorm fizzled out last night and the weekend looks clear and on the warm side. Yay!!💗


  1. Yes, absolutely gorgeous flowers! Happy Birthday!
    Ok…that kitty yarn bowl is so precious! Love it!
    I just love quilt history books! I bet your new one is joy to read!
    If you get arrested, call me…I’ll bail you out! 😊

    1. Thank you so much! I'll let you know if I get arrested! Haha!!

  2. Beautiful flowers! Happy birthday. The kitty is cute. What a fun book. Can't wait to see that quilt quilted.

  3. pink! pink is my fave too, especially with black and white. I have olive skin too. the flowers are so pretty, gosh I haven't had fresh flowers in years! I love them and how unusual they are. Happy birthday month! you should get more fabric, right? isn't that what all quilters want? I do.

  4. Cheers, Rosemary, to your new adventure around the sun! May it be full of love, joy, creativity, and peace. And, bah hambug to quilt police.

  5. Rosemary - belated happy birthday! How wonderful to receive such thoughtful gifts!


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