Thursday, December 1, 2022

I Like Thursday #167

It's time for our Thursday likes! Please visit LeeAnna over at Not Afraid of Color to link up to more happy and uplifting posts. I washed the Garlic Knot quilt last week. I put it in the dryer but took it out while it was still damp. I had it on the carpeting for a little while and then moved it onto the couch. Well, it looks like Molly thought it was a great place for a nap! When it dried, I put it through the dryer to get some of that cat fur off!

I'm still working on applique blocks for Carrie Hall's Sampler quilt. This is how far I am on the second block. It's measures 20.5" square. It's slow going but it's so relaxing and gives me something to do while I watch TV. (It's almost time for General Hospital!!😄)

Our prompt this week was about holiday movies. My favorite is "It's a Wonderful Life". I try to watch it every year. I also try not to cry at the end although the crying is more happy than sad. It's a classic and I just enjoy everything about it! I also love to watch all the Christmas cartoons that air during the month of December. I still love Charlie Brown!

I got these window decorations from JoAnn's. I just wanted to decorate our back door. Doesn't Santa look like he's imitating John Travolta?? I think this Santa likes disco!! It's just a cute little decoration to make you smile!

I wish you all have a great weekend! I'm trying to get that Christmas shopping done. I'm about halfway there. 


  1. Looks like Molly claimed the garlic knots quilt. We watch ALL the classic Christmas movies, even the animated ones. Your santa looks like he is sitting on your deck rail LOL.

    1. You're right, Santa does look like he's sitting on the rail. So funny!

  2. what a pretty pic of a cat -owned quilt
    I love jimmy stewart and that movie.... so touching. I love B & W movies. Santa is sitting on the rail waiting for his reindeer uber

    1. Molly says thank you! Santa looks comfy on that rail!

  3. I agree that Santa looks like he's in Saturday Night Fever! LOL


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