Tuesday, June 30, 2020

T-Shirt Quilt(s)

My son's girlfriend asked me if I was interested in helping out a friend of hers. Her mother had made her a t-shirt quilt but it was falling apart. It had been tied but the ties were breaking and the batting was making it's way through the quilt. I didn't think it would be too difficult. I knew I'd have to stabilize it but I would quickly quilt it on the longarm. She didn't care what quilt design I used. She just wanted to be able to use her quilt again. I'm sure there are lots of sentimental feelings attached to this quilt. I just couldn't say no!

I was surprised that this quilt was made of 2 different quilt tops. This girl's mother had made sure they were the same size and just tied them together. This quilt must have weighed a ton! It was already taken apart by the time I received it. It measures approximately 86" X 97". This was going to be more work than I expected!

After going back and forth for a little bit, we decided to make it into 2 separate quilts. I'm not sure my longarm could have quilted a double sided t-shirt quilt. So thick and heavy!  I bought stabilizer. As you can see, the first row has fusible stabilizer attached. I'm going to work on one row at a time. I'm also trimming the seam allowance. I read 1/2 inch is plenty. Some of these seams are over an inch!

I'm taking my time. Once the top is ready, I'll get the backing ready also. My customer has no preference so I'm going to find some cute fabric. I'll be quilting a large meander over the whole quilt. I love the look of meandering/stippling. It won't overpower the quilt but it will hold it together nicely. I still have to finish Long Time Gone. I'm close to 3/4 done with that quilt. I'm certainly not rushing that! Too bad I have to work! Work always takes the fun out of my sewing time!


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